Wrex and Grunt Dragon Effect Mercs

Imagining the Krogan as sort of a subsidiary race to the Qunari.  Lesser in number and therefore mostly serving as hired mercs instead of having an actual system of government.

Grunt- referenced Sebastian Vael’s armor a bit for Grunt’s look, wanted him to come across as more of a good natured young Krogan who is trying to distance himself from the violent nature of his race.  Maybe Shepard would run into him while he’s out on a soul searching pilgrimage or something.

Wrex-  By contrast I wanted Wrex to look like he’s totally embracing his badass nature and I’m imaging him as leader of a wondering band of pillaging Krogan mercs before deciding to aid Shepard.  (maybe a renegade Shep gets Wrex while a paragon gets Grunt). 

Next up will either be Garrus and Thane or Tali and Liara, haven’t decided yet.